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Barry is a born and bred Australian from Tamworth, NSW. He is an immensely proud father to 2 lovely girls.


An award-winning chef of 25 years, Barry earned his stripes the hard way. From the age of 14 he started working as kitchen hand working his way up to Senior chef within a few short years.


Barry has worked alongside some of Australia’s top, award-winning chefs, where he has honed his natural talent for mixing flavours to perfection.


To stay abreast of contemporary culinary trends involves long hours and leading by example, which is exactly what he does for all the staff under his care.


His specialities are fine dining and creating new dishes by experimenting with flavours and textures.


Barry has worked for PB Catering since 2015 and has gone from Second Chef to Head Chef and Operations Manager. He is always striving to improve and enhance PB Caterings wide and eclectic menu with seasonal flavours, procuring only the finest local produce.