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Brogers End, Kangaroo Valley

Broger’s End was born out of a vision and passion for transforming a rundown old farm into a haven of sustainable living and regenerated native landscape, to be shared with visitors from near and far. The hope is that visiting Broger’s End will bring a respite from everyday cares, and an appreciation for the importance of stopping to smell the (native banksia) roses! 

This farm was chosen after years of searching because it is easily accessible by sealed road, being only 2 hours from Sydney and 6 km from the Kangaroo Valley village, but far enough from these places to feel remote and peaceful. It has a wide variety of landscapes within its 160 acres, providing a wonderful experience of the Australian countryside.

Contact: 0481 173 136

Address: 4 Battys Rd, Upper Kangaroo River NSW 2577


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