Burnham Grove Estate, Camden

Burnham Grove 3.jpg

Built in the 1880’s, Burnham Grove Estate is a grand historic estate surrounded by acres of architecturally designed gardens, and boasts a beautiful fountain and pond amongst it’s manicured lawns. The Victorian Homestead, located in Camden, was one of the earliest built on Cawdor Road by the Doust family and is one of four historic houses on Cawdor Rd. The estate remained in the Doust/Wheeler family for over 100 years, when the heritage listed property then received extensive renovations to restore the estate back to its former glory.


2015 marked a new era for Burnham Grove Estate, now under new management the Homestead has undergone an amazing transformation which can now once again be used for accommodation whilst the property grounds, gardens and purpose built facilities deliver pure serenity combined with vintage history to it’s weddings and events.

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