Corporate Catering

We are a corporate caterer in your office, business, conference or workplace. Whether its fresh and delicious food platters delivered to your business or a more extravagant corporate affair, we have all your catering needs covered! 

Choose from one of the options below as well as a beverage package or contact us to discuss how we can tailor any of our other menus to suit your business' needs. 

Corporate Catering Boxes

Breakfast Corporate Boxes Menu 1.png
Breakfast Corporate Boxes Menu 2.png


Classic Breakfast Sliders @ $79.00 per box (15 pieces)

Bacon, baby spinach, free range egg, roasted tomato relish on a soft brioche bun

Assorted Breakfast Sliders @ $79.00 per box (15 pieces


Bacon, baby spinach, free range egg, roasted tomato relish on a soft brioche bun 


Chorizo sausage, Mexican coleslaw and corn relish 

Roasted vegetable, baby spinach grilled haloumi and rocket pesto (v)



Breakfast Mini Croissants @ $72.00 per box (16 pieces) 

Shaved double smoked ham with melted Swiss cheese 

Confit heirloom tomato and mushroom with shaved parmesan (v) 

Smoked salmon scrambled egg with caviar and crème fraiche


Savoury Mini Muffins $79.00 per box (35 pieces)

Spinach and fetta muffin (v) 

Smoked salmon, capers and red onion  

Bacon and egg muffin 

Fresh Fruit Box $93.00 per box (10-12 serves) 

Seasonal selection of fruits (v/vegan/gf/df) 

Breakfast Corporate Boxes Menu 3.png
Breakfast Corporate Boxes Menu 4.png


Sweet Mini Croissants @ $72.00 per box (16 Pieces) 

Nutella and shaved almond croissant (v) 

Homemade raspberry jam and fresh cream croissant (v) 

Belgium chocolate and hazelnut croissant (v) 


Scones @ $55 (40 Pieces) 

House made scones with strawberry jam and sweetened cream (v) 

Date and almond scones with raspberry conserve and fresh cream (v) 

Lemon and blueberry scone with lemon curd and cream (v) 

Sweet Mini Muffins $79.00 per box (35 pieces) 

Mixed fruit and chocolate mini muffins (v) 


Sweet Mini Donuts @ $72.00 per box (16 Pieces) 

Tim tam, dark chocolate & nutella (v) (4) 

KitKat, milk chocolate & caramel creme (v) (4) 

Raspberry jam and strawberry chocolate (v) (4) 

Snickers Salted caramel (v) (4) 


Everyday Corporate Mixed Box Collection @ $160 per box (40 pieces + fruit) 

Fruit and cinnamon Danish pastry (10 pieces) 

Raspberry and white chocolate muffins (5 pieces) 

Lemon and blueberry muffins (5 pieces) 

Assorted Berry collection  

House made scones with strawberry jam and sweetened cream (10 pieces) 

Croissants Nutella and shaved almond croissant (5 pieces) 

Belgium chocolate and hazelnut croissants (5 pieces) 

Lunch Corporate Boxes Menu.png
Lunch Corporate Boxes Menu 2.png
Lunch Corporate Boxes Menu 3.png
Lunch Corporate Boxes Menu 4.png


Wraps @ $65 per box (20 pieces) 

Turkey, brie, baby rocket leaves and cranberry sauce (3) 

Roasted vegetable and fetta couscous (v)(3) 

Pulled Chicken, avocado and lettuce leave with caper and parmesan dressing (4) 

Roasted beef, caramelized onion and baby spinach (3) 

Falafel, hummus, tabbouleh and baby spinach (v)(3) 

Shaved double smoked ham, cheese tomato, mustard and leaves (4) 


Stone baked Sourdough @ $138.00 per box – choice of 4 (32 pieces) 

Turkey, brie, baby rocket leaves and cranberry sauce 

Roasted vegetable and fetta couscous  (v) 

Pulled Chicken, avocado and lettuce leave with caper and parmesan dressing 

Roasted beef, caramelized onion and baby spinach  

Falafel, hummus, tabbouleh and baby spinach  (v) 

Ham, cheese tomato, mustard and leaves  


Mini Rainbow Baby Sliders @ $145.00 per box (32 pieces) 

Buffalo shredded chicken, dill and cabbage slaw with mild siracha sauce (8) 

Pulled BBQ pork, apple slaw and pickles (8) 

Roasted vegetable and grilled haloumi with rocket pesto (v)(8)  

Bourbon beef brisket with caramelized onions and slaw (8) 


Finger Sandwiches @ $99.00 per box (36 pieces) 

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, baby capers and salad onion (6) 

Curried egg and lettuce greens (6) 

Pulled chicken, avocado and baby spinach (6) 

Ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber, carrot and lettuce greens (6) 

Roasted beef, caramelized onion, mustard and spinach leaves (6) 

Cucumber, dill, cream cheese and chive (v)(6)  

Triangle Sandwiches @ $82.00 per box – choice of 4 (32 pieces) 

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, baby capers and salad onion  

Curried egg and lettuce greens  

Pulled chicken, avocado and baby spinach  

Ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber, carrot and lettuce greens 

Roasted beef, caramelised onion, mustard and spinach leaves 

Vegetarian (V) 




Focaccia Bread Bricks @ $138.00 per box – choice of 4 (32 pieces) 

Pulled chicken, avocado, baby spinach and aioli  

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, baby capers and salad onion  

Roasted vegetable, grilled haloumi, greens and rocket pesto  (v) 

Turkey, cranberry, baby spinach leaves and brie cheese  

Italian salami, swiss cheese, semi tomatoes, basil pesto and greens 

Roasted beef, caramelized onion, mustard and spinach  



Mini frittata Selection @ $78.00 per box – choice of 4 (24 pieces) 

Kale, goats cheese and mushroom (v) 

Smoked salmon, baby capers, salad onion, baby spinach and crème fraiche 

Prosciutto ham, semi tomato and basil  

Honey pumpkin, feta and pinenuts  (v) 

Sweet potato with crispy ham, caramelized onion and feta cheese 

Finger Food Boxes 1.png
Finger Food Boxes 2.png
Executive Cheese Box.png
Executive Charcuterie Box.png



Sushi and Nigari Selection @ $65 per box (20 pieces) 

Californian sushi rolls with soy sauce (4) 

Tuna and avocado (4) 

Scallop nigari with siracha sauce (4) 

Smoked salmon nigari with caviar and dill mayonnaise (4) 

Pickled seaweed, cucumber and wasabi nori (v)(4) 

All served with soy, wasabi, pickled ginger, siracha mayo 


Duck Pancake Selection @ $139 per box (30 pieces) 

Hoisin duck pancake with coriander and cucumber (10) 

Peking duck pancake (10) 

Char Siu duck pancake (10) 





Salad Pot Box @ $109.00 per box choice of 5 

(10 x 500ml pots, disposable forks) 

Pulled chicken and avocado Caesar salad  

Roasted vegetable couscous salad with basil jus  (v) 

Roasted beetroot, goats cheese and orange salad (v) 

Greek salad  (v) 

Rustic Italian, cucumber, tomato and bocconcini salad (v) 

Pear, walnut and goats cheese salad (v) 

Ancient Grains salad (v) 

Executive Cheese Box @ $210.00 per box (20-25 serves) 

Cheddar cheese  

Triple brie cheese  

Creamy Blue cheese  

Dried fruit  

Assorted crackers 

Fresh fruit and nuts 


Executive Charcuterie Box @ $280.00 per box (20-25 serves) 

Selection of premium charcuterie (4) 

Cheddar cheese  

Triple brie cheese  

Creamy Blue cheese  

Semi dried tomatoes 

Assorted olives 


Hummus Dip 

Taramasalata Dip 

Dried fruit  

Assorted crackers 

Fresh fruit and nuts 


Add Bottled Water or Juice @ $3.50 per bottle 

Spring water 500ml 

Sparkling water 500ml 

Orange juice 350ml 

Apple juice 350ml 

Corporate Cocktail Events

Please select eight items from the list below for two hours of finger food.


  • Hoisin Duck crepes with cucumber and coriander

  • Rare Roast Beef on Yorkshire pudding with horseradish mayo, spinach, onion and tomato chutney

  • Honey and soy chicken drumettes with honey mustard mayonnaise (GF)

  • Wagyu beef burgers with bourbon onions, cheddar cheese, baby spinach and onion relish

  • Chicken and pineapple satay skewers with peanut dip (GF)

  • Grilled Lamb, cumin and feta koftas with cucumber riata (GF)

  • Asian style pork belly spoons with pear chutney (GF)

  • Szechuan spiced prawn and chorizo stick with roasted pepper soup (GF)

  • Thai pork meatballs with pomegranate and pineapple salsa (GF)

  • BBQ seared beef, ricotta and braised mushroom grissini

  • Italian arancini ball with bacon and mozzarella with spicy tomato dip

  • Homemade Sage and pork mince sausage rolls with spacy tomato relish

  • Mini gourmet pies (choose 1):

    • Beef and stout pies with caramelised onion relish

    • Slow cooked Moroccan lamb shank pie with tzatziki

    • Curried chicken and vegetable pie


  • Salt and Pepper Squid with garlic and lemon aioli (GF)

  • Fresh shucked oysters done 4 ways – Kilpatrick-Mornay-Natural-Ginger and Soy (GF)

  • Charcoal crusted king prawn with spicy mango and coriander dip

  • Tempura Barramundi cocktail with lemon aioli

  • Caramelised scallop, cauliflower puree, spiced tomato chutney and Vietnamese dressing (GF)

  • Tempura Torpedo prawns with Thai dipping sauce

  • Fresh crab, apple and dill cones with caviar (GF)

  • Smoked salmon, chive cream cheese and caviar lollipops (GF)

  • Gin and beetroot cured salmon spoons with pickled veg and wasabi crème (GF)

  • Prawn and ginger dumplings with soy, chilli and shallot dip


  • Chargrilled zucchini rolls with semi dried tomatoes, feta and rocket (GF, V)

  • Spinach, braised mushroom and ricotta quiche (V)

  • Caramelised onion and goats cheese tart (V)

  • Grilled polenta, olive tapenade with roasted pepper jam and basil (GF, V)

  • Zucchini and mint savoury cakes with feta crème (GF, V)

  • Vegetable spring rolls with Thai dipping sauce (V)

  • Vegan vegetable and avocado rice paper rolls with Vietnamese dressing (GF, V)

  • Wild mushroom and spinach arancini balls with cheesy dip (V)

  • Bruschetta of

    • Vine ripened tomatoes, basil, Spanish onion and balsamic (V)

    • Ricotta, prosciutto and fig jam (V)

    • Balsamic mushrooms (V)

  • Caramelised fig, beetroot, spinach and ricotta tartlets (V)

  • 3 cheese arancini balls with roasted tomato and basil dip (V)

  • Mini roasted pumpkin, spinach and feta pizza (V)

  • Spring pea and mint shooters with crème fraiche (GF, V)

Substantial Dishes - additional $7 pp

  • Indian lamb Rogan Josh with jasmine rice in bamboo boats (GF)

  • Thai chicken and bok choy curry with jasmine rice (GF)

  • Massaman beef curry with jasmine rice in bamboo boats (GF)

  • Curried mung bean and vegetable soup with grilled Turkish (V)

  • Texas BBQ chicken thighs with fruit couscous and coleslaw

  • Sweet and sour pork belly with saffron rice (GF)

Cost: $35 per person. Minimum 30 guests.  

​The price above does not include staff. Staff prices vary according to numbers & venue. Please contact us with your menu choices for full quote

Chicken and pineapple satay skewers with
Caramelised scallop, cauliflower puree,
Assorted Bruschetta 5.JPG
Grilled polenta, olive tapenade with roa

Corporate Grazing Table

The grazing table is an ideal option for venues that have limited kitchen facilities.  The table is self service, and is a lighter alternative to a full grazing table, but still filling, appetising and a 'feast for the eyes'.

Chargrilled zucchini rolls with semi dri

Our corporate grazing table includes the following:

Canapés on platters: (To be walked around during drinks service)

Mini Grazing Table:

  • French and Australian cheeses (GF)

  • Danish salami/olive mortadella/prosciutto ham (GF)

  • Smoked salmon with dill aioli (GF)

  • Taramasalata and Hummus dips (GF)

  • Seasonal fruit (V)

  • Roasted vegetables/ celery/ carrot sticks (V)

  • Grissini, French & Italian breads

  • Assorted wafers and Lavosh

Cost: $50 per person. Minimum 30 guests. Includes two staff members for four hours